How often should I clean my office carpets

Conventional wisdom states you should clean the carpets in you office about every 90 days.  Of course, this number depends on how how much traffic travels across you carpet and how well you care for it. Carpets cleaned by Benchmark specifically are designed to last longer, with long-term sanitizer and protector included at no additional cost. Our team and office were tired of seeing carpets we cleaned were heavily resoiled, it would result in expensive expensive re-cleanings only to find the high traffic soiling would break down the stuctural backing, and visual appeal after a few short years. So we set out to provide our service in an innovative way.

To extend the life of your office carpet, it’s also important to take proper care of it. Cleaning every 3, to 6 months with the seasons will allow for even wear. Benchmark’s extraction and factory-grade protector can also keep your carpet feeling like new. The great thing about Benchmark cleans is that our warranty covers a full satisfaction guarantee, so you’re guaranteed to have clean, sanitized and beautiful carpet for the decades to come.

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