One of the biggest dangers in multifamily housing, the exposure to a host of different cleanliness issues.  

Right now, we are all concerned about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  To prevent property liability, here’s the best way to address it, and take preventative steps to keep you and your residents safe.

Here are some solid tips and tricks to help you with the common areas at your property.

1.  Vacuum:

More than half the dust and debris in a common area is found in the carpet, and a dedicated vacuuming of all these areas will go a long way in keeping the allergens and dust from becoming airborne.

2.  Wipe down baseboards (or covebase):

A lot of impurities are found residing on top of your baseboards.  Using a damp cloth with antimicrobial soap.

All Common Area Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing

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3.  Sanitize doorjams, & window sills:  

Use antimicrobial sanitizing solutions to clean all the nooks and crannies.

4.  Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing:

Hot steam extraction kills most bacteria, but including an antimicrobial sanitizing treatments

How we sanitize your common area hallways, and more:

1.  We always starts with a commercial-grade pre-vacuuming to ensure the removal of all the dry debris.

2. Then we pre-treat the carpets with a anti-virus hospital-grade antimicrobial treatment, that will kill 99.9% of virus causing bacteria.  

3.  Pre-agitate the antimicrobial treatment to work it into the fibers.

4.  Then we extract the soil, dust, and bacterial agents, removing them from the carpet

5.  Finally we provide a leave-in a environmentally safe post antimicrobial agent treatment to ensure a clean sterile common area hallway.

All Common Area Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing

50% off