Services For Apartments To Help You Rent
Units Quickly

Turn apartments faster • Eliminate confusion • Grow your property

 Services for Apartments To Help You Rent Units Quickly

Turn apartments faster • Eliminate confusion • Grow your property

Do you struggle with your turnover services?

Do you have vendors not showing up on time?
Are you getting nailed by surprise invoices?
Is it time to revamp your turnover vendors?
Are you struggling to get units rented?
Do you need a common win to unify your team?
Do vacancies make your brain hurt?

Benchmark works for Multifamily, and Property Management Companies

If you need cleaning to turnover your apartments, or have a water damage, you need Benchmark.

New To Benchmark?

3 Free



Get 1 Housekeeping Cleaning, 1 Carpet Cleaning, and 1 Common Area Cleaning for free to help you turn your units faster, and have them rented now.

1 Housekeeping + 1 Carpet Cleaning + Common Area Clean = 3 Free Cleans

What About Vendor Compliance?

RealPage / Compliance Depot


What About Vendor Compliance

RealPage / Compliance Depot


What’s My Investment?

How much is inconsistent vendor services costing you? How many potential residents can’t rent because units are not ready? How many of your showings are awkward because people might smell an odd odor, or something else? How many prospective tenants are passing up your property? Can potential residents understand why they need to rent from you by the appearance of your units? A lack of Benchmark cleaning may already be costing you a great deal.

Step #1

Housekeeping Cleaning

Includes windows, drapes, etc.

Detailed cleaning of oven, refrigerator, wash machines, etc.

*2 bathroom $25 additional.

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Step #2


1, 2 or 3 Bedrooms for 1 Price

Includes, stain removals.  Pet odors, urine, and carpet repairs extra.

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Step #3

Common Area Cleaning

Hallways, Tile, Party Rooms

Carpeted hallways, furniture, tile & grout, managers offices, etc.

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Cleaning Combined
Full Cleaning

Housekeeping Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Together on the Same Day

Detailed turnover clean, and carpet (or other floor coverings) cleaning on the same day.

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Schedule your cleaning here plus, Evals, Common Areas, etc.