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How to not overspend on water damages

by admin • 14/07/2020

Benchmark standardized a 5 day turnaround on their water damage projects. You know what sucks? Not knowing how much fixing a water-damaged unit is going to cost, it’s just no fun. And that’s if you can get the restorer to come out in the first place. Then, when they do finally arrive they lack compassion […]

Coming Soon…Hand Sanitizer

by admin • 21/04/2020

Don’t feel like waiting?Want to pre-order? Click Here Hey friends, I’ll keep it simple, we will be making a limited amount of alcohol-based (above 60%) hand sanitizer. It will be a 32oz bottle and will retail for $16.99. FAQ’S Will it be liquid or gel? It will be in a liquid (Not gel) form Is […]

Disney shares their Dole Whip Recipe on their app.

by admin • 09/04/2020

Here’s an excerpt from our residential blog, but it is SO GOOD, I wanted to repost it here. MMMM, Dole Whip! If you want to see more articles about this stuff, check them out here. Ok, Maybe we can’t go to Disneyland right now. Heck we’re not suppose to leave our house right now, except […]

Download your copy of the EPA & CDC’s approved cleaning products list.

by admin • 31/03/2020

Running out of cleaning supplies? You can download the most up to date list of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Center for Disease Control’s approved cleaning products list Click here to download Hint: Look for the “Product Name” Yes, Clorox™ and Lysol™ are there. But as it gets tougher and tougher to find these disinfectants, […]


by admin • 16/03/2020

One of the biggest dangers in multifamily housing, the exposure to a host of different cleanliness issues.   Right now, we are all concerned about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  To prevent property liability, here’s the best way to address it, and take preventative steps to keep you and your residents safe. Here are some solid tips […]

How often should I clean my office carpets

by admin • 10/03/2020

Conventional wisdom states you should clean the carpets in you office about every 90 days.  Of course, this number depends on how how much traffic travels across you carpet and how well you care for it. Carpets cleaned by Benchmark specifically are designed to last longer, with long-term sanitizer and protector included at no additional […]

6 ways to sanitize your office and help prevent the Coronavirus

by admin • 06/03/2020

Hey everybody, Here’s some things that YOU can do to help prevent the spread of any virus including COVID-190 (Coronavirus). Get a clean routine.Routinely clean frequently touched objects and surfaces, including doorknobs, keyboards, and phones, to help remove germs.  Clorox wipes (if available), or any alcohol based cleaner will work.  Suggestion, set up a cleaning rotation with you staff […]

News Release: Benchmark includes sanitizing treatments in all carpet cleanings

by admin • 15/01/2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus), has become a concern for the residents of many multi-family housing complexes.  In an effort to assist, Benchmark Restoration & Cleaning is pleased to announce free anti-microbial sanitizing treatments included with every turnover and, occupied carpet cleaning going forward. These will be standard practice to ensure  current, and future residents at Portland, and […]