How to not overspend on water damages

Benchmark standardized a 5 day turnaround on their water damage projects.

You know what sucks?

Not knowing how much fixing a water-damaged unit is going to cost, it’s just no fun.

And that’s if you can get the restorer to come out in the first place.

Then, when they do finally arrive they lack compassion for you and the resident, by ripping apart every wall in the unit.

“[…it won’t be to create
excessive reconstruction]”

Most restoration companies make their money on the reconstruction side of a water loss.

The more demo, the more repair costs.

We have had this discussion ourselves earlier this year, and we didn’t like the look of too much demo, and too much reconstruction – it was uneccessary.

But I tell you something that doesn’t suck.

Finding a company with a no conflict of interest policy

Finding a water damage restoration company that is not driven by making money on your repair costs is critical. That means they have a no-conflict of interest policy.  Their not in business to “rip & tear” you property.

That means they only use the least invasive way to perform structural drying.  Demo & reconstruction is used only if necessary, not as a default action.

If reconstruction is needed due to demo, that fine, but it won’t be to create excessive money-making reconstruction.

I’ll never get tired of performing a 5 day turnaround, start to finish water loss projects. That’s when you see an entire unit dried, and turned around in 5 days flat. It’s something to tell your boss about.

And I’ll never cease being honored to be able to provide this value that is worth paying for.

What’s the best way to not overspend on water damages?

Not dragging out the turnaround time. Get a vendor that is committed to returning the unit to better than pre-loss conditions on a fast timeline. The longer it takes, the more you are being charged for project time, like scheduling vendors, errors the resident makes, etc.

5 Day Turnaround on Water Damages

It’s no secret that water damages can have a profound affect on Tennant retention.

I’ve worked with multiple apartment complexes with very little demo and lot’s of drying equipment and that’s the ultimate differentiator that makes other restoration companies seem unworthy…

Because a 5 Day Turnaround is superior.

“[it’s] designed to give you a tangible understanding
of timeframe, and cost per unit.”

I should say – if you need to remove affected areas that’s great, some losses require it. That’s fine, I’m not talking about those catastrophic conditions. You should remove in those cases…

What I’m talking about is the ones in the middle, like a fresh water loss that affects 3 units.

That is a common scenario for a 5 Day turnaround. That’s from extraction, to putting the cove base back on the wall!

How Not To Overspend on Water Damages

The 5 Day Water Damage Turnaround is designed to give you a tangible understanding of timeframe, and cost per unit. This helps you justify the costs, keep the Tennant focused, happy, and trust your vendor.

It always happens on a firm timeline designed to free you from extensive phone calls, juggling multiple vendors, and angry residents.

Save thousands of dollars in just a few hours

For the value you receive using a 5 day turnaround model the price is hardly a consideration. Why are you paying more than you have too?

Schedule an online video or chat meeting here. Don’t delay, causing you to overspend on your water damages.

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