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Can BenchMark’s ‘Paint Removal LVT Cleaning’ actually speed up turnaround, & rentability?

Let’s hear it from OTHER people

Karey Dillingham restored her LVT and saved over $15,000 in replacement costs and labor.

Karey Dillingham – Property Manager in Beaverton-Hillsdale

Hey Sho Man kept over half his budget and saved over $18,000 in replacement costs and labor.

Hey Sho Man – is a Real Estate Developer and Property Manager.

Deborah just started saving – and kept $1200 she was going to spend.

Deborah is a Multifamily Property Manager in Vancouver WA.

Scott Winter was pleased with his LVT and saved over $1,400 in replacement costs and labor.

Scott Winter – Portland OR

Bui Nguyen kept his LVT and saved 35% of his budget in replacement costs and labor.

Karey Dillingham – Property Manager in Beaverton-Hillsdale

Emily Morgan was relieved after her all her painters drops all were removed saving over $5,000 in replacement costs and labor.

Emily Morgan is a local home owner

Melody and Susan are thrilled with the outcome of their cleans.

Melody and Susan are home owners in the Portland Metro area.

Kris Klinkhammer kept over half her budget and saved over $7,000 in replacement costs and labor.

Kris owns property in the Portland area

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get with BenchMark’s ‘Paint Removal LVT Clean’:

✓ Proof that your LVT floors is now fully cleaned, and rent-ready for your next resident.

And if BenchMark can’t make it rentable, you don’t pay. You also get 30 days of service guarantee – so if it doesn’t work for whatever reason, we rush back and fix it for you.

Carpet cleaning is complimentary. Get your bedrooms cleaned for free.

Removal of paint, wax build up and impurities on your LVT with every clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the call?

On our initial call, we’re going to discuss your LVT floors in your units so we can tell you if you are losing time and money by replacing LVT  that can be saved.  If so we will estimate how much money you are losing with each turn and offer you a much easier solution.

Why is paint and wax so bad?

For our clients with property sizes between 100 units – 400 units the average number of replacements because of paint and wax in a year is around 20 per year.  That’s around $40,000 in LVT installation. That’s a big chunk of change. Make sure to book your call to find out which LVT floors you can save.

How much money do I lose to LVT replacement?

Larger complexes could be losing tens (30 or 40) of thousands per year, and smaller ones could be losing thousands.

What is your Paint Removal Cleaning Process?

I will create a custom cleaning solution that will specifically keep your LVT save from harm, while still removing the impurities that make it hard to rent out.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. If we cannot successfully clean your floors to a standard that is rentable you will not have to pay. Your clean is also guanteed for 30 days. If you are having trouble renting, and you believe it’s the floors, we’ll come back and fix it.


Is the cleaning safe?

Yes, it actually uses botanical cleaning solutions, and are safe for renters, managers, our technicians, and the LVT itself.


How can I get access to this cleaning to try it out?

Click the button below to book your call now:

Book your call now to find out how much money you might be losing by replacing your LVT because of paint and wax buildup. And get your bedroom carpets cleaned for free: